Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Orchestration designer – errors exist for one or more children

Sometimes life is just cruel; you receive an error, search for the cause and are utterly frustrated when you can find the reason. I recently had a visit from this ‘good’ friend of mine: ‘Errors exist for one or more children’

Apparently it is possible that during compilation time an error occurs, and even though you solve it, the error will still occur. The error that can occur is shown in the picture below:


What i did to solve this bugger….

- open the ODX file in Notepad (important if you do not want to meet your friend encoding mismatch)

- search for ‘#error’ (should be in the XLANG body() {…} )

- remove the line (shown in the screenshot below)



This worked for me, sincerely hoping that you will not use this, if so hoping that you can take the advantage of this post….