Thursday, April 08, 2010

Back to the future - Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.TimeoutException

I recently faced this not so welcome friend of mine. This was the case on mine development environment consisting of:

- separate BizTalk machine + separate SQL Server

I could track down the source of this message being an atomic scope with a timeout of 60 seconds (receive shape waiting for a web service response). Since the error was pretty clear i finally found the cause….please take note of this for future generations ;)

The SQL Server machine clock was advanced 2 minutes compared to the BizTalk server running the orchestrations

Therefore the orchestration was ‘running in the past’ forcing a time-out in the atomic scope shape.

Somehow the time synchronisation service was not doing it’s job. I fixed the issue by using the ‘w32tm’ command line tool.

“w32tm /resync” (force the machine to resync the windows time using the PDC time)

Note: to view the difference between the current machine and the PDC you can you the monitor parameter;

“w32tm /monitor”

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