Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BizTalk 2009 migration to 64-bit and the MQSC Adapter

The migration from BizTalk 2006 R2 to BizTalk 2009 was a fairly smooth one, untill we faced an issue that the MQSC Adapter was not working on the 64bit environment.

We tried to define a 64-bit host and run the adapter inside this host, this however did not proved to be the solution;


After browsing through the MSDN pages we found that it just wasn’t going to be a 9till5 workday;

“Only x86 (32-bit) Windows operating systems that are supported by BizTalk Server 2006 are supported by the MQSC Adapter. WebSphere MQ on Windows is not supported on 64-bit Windows operating systems. This means that the MQSC Adapter is not supported on either X64 (64-bit) Windows or a 32-bit BizTalk Host Instance on x64.” (

The setup we had previously used was;

- BizTalk 2006 R2 32-bit / MQ Client 6.2.5 + SSL / MQSC Adapter

“IBM WebSphere MQ Client 5.3 with CSD10, or IBM Websphere MQ Client 6.0 with Fix Pack” (

The new setup was;

- BizTalk 2009 64-bit / MQ Client 6.2.5 + SSL / MQSC Adapter

We looked for information on a bunch of pages likes forums/MSDN/technet/articles and came to the following conclusion;

BizTalk 2006 MQSC adapter does not support 64-bit and can only be used in conjunction with the MQ Client version

BizTalk 2009 MQSC Adapter has the same limitation when used with version but does support the new version of the MQ Client (7.x).

We installed the latest version and ran into another problem; error code AMQ9716. This was related to the usage of SSL and the new feature: certificate validation (OCSP Authentication) that was already in place in earlier versions, but was only actively refusing certificates in V7 of the MQ Client (

A collegae of mine noticed the sentence “This was ignored before V7.0.1.0” which led hem to believe that a V7 release existed without this validation. He searched and managed to get version…

I am glad to report that this is a winning team when you want to use 64-bit in BizTalk 2009;

BizTalk 2009 64-bit / MQ Client + SSL / MQSC Adapter

Solution: install the MQ Client version


biztalk said...
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biztalk said...

Hi Sander,

I am running into the same issue.I am now using Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit, installed MQ client, enabled Application role with all the features. When I start with Biztalk 2009 64bit installation,MQSeries Agent is grayed out. I check the component services, MQSAgent2 is created but is not running. To install MQSAgent using the wizard, I had to move bin32 files and create a bins64 folder to get MQSAgent installed. I am not sure if MQSAgent is installed correctly. Do you have any suggestions please?