Sunday, January 16, 2011

BizTalk Unit testing – heads up

BizTalk Unit testing was before the release of BizTalk 2009 not an integral part of the product. The community anticipated with awesome frameworks and tools:

Very stable framework that is a wrapper around NUnit that allows testing using BizUnit steps, complemented with additional steps (BizUnitExtensions) and incorperated in the (BizTalk Software Factory). This is the framework that suits all your needs by allowing custom BizUnit step development in .Net and uses an Xml based approach.

Very stable framework developed by Tomas Restrepo, very nice and easy to understand.

Profiler that allows for code coverage by querying the BizTalk database and generating reports on the orchestration shape coverage, allowing insight in the completeness of the test.

Present day

    A new framework has been introduced, that is fitted for one purpose, testing maps using an approach of dynamically reading/manipulating Xml fields by XPath expressions that can be set up in code.

    In my next posts i will show my positive experience with the latter!

    For your reference here is a list of some common frameworks and areas of expertise;


    Note: due to the popularity of BizUnit a lot of blogs are about steps that have been created, including steps that use the Pipelinetesting framework. That’s the reason, BizUnit passes all tests :)

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