Friday, February 18, 2011

Tools – Automatically set the proxy

When you work at customer settings, setting the proxy can be a hassle, you either forget to do it, or forget to turn it off….After trying some codeproject tools that all seem to crash I found another one that works for me (W7 – 64bit):

This tool detects the environment and sets the proxy accordingly based on a xml config file. Not sure if you can set a password, but for basic usage this is great.



Saturday, February 05, 2011

MSI Import error due to HostInstance casing

Just a thing I noticed, when you create a HostInstance and you import a host that slightly differs in casing form the bind host in the binding, you will get an error….thus someone forgot to due an ‘IgnoreCase’ comparison.

I had used a tool to create hosts/host instances and made a typo in the casing…had no idea this would be a problem…well easy to solve!



Friday, February 04, 2011

BizTalk Debugging - Breakpoint for thousands instances….ooops

During training I always tell that when you set a breakpoint to an orchestration you have to be careful, since you have to remove the breakpoint on the class.

If you would start 100000 orchestrations, you would have a nice job for the weekend when trying to remove all the breakpoints.

I was wrong, there is an easier way:

Open the ‘Debugger’

- Remove breakpoint on the class

- Suspend all the instances in that are dehydrated due to a breakpoint

- Resume all the orchestration instances