Sunday, May 08, 2011

BizTalk ESB Dynamic port – 3 filter properties

This is a quick post for you (and me!) to remember….whenever you want to use the ESB Toolkit and are wondering which filters you need to set to be able to get the send port to send a message….


  • Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Itinerary.Schemas.ServiceName

Make sure that the name of this filter matches the Dynamic Send port that you have chosen in you itinerary!!

  • Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Itinerary.Schemas.ServiceState

To ensure that the process continues and that the itinerary is continued…set the state to ‘Pending’. The Toolkit will worry on the actual states.

  • Microsoft.Practices.ESB.Itinerary.Schemas.ServiceType

Depending on the scenario you can set the ‘ServiceType’ to ‘Messaging’ for a messaging based subscriber or to ‘Orchestration’ for an Orchestration based subscriber.


Note: the IsRequestResponse property might be useful for solicit response port.





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1 comment:

Sameer said...

What is the rule for specifying service name in send port filter, is it any random name, or something specific. because I tried with a random name and it worked. and also if there is some rule then why is that so ?