Sunday, October 30, 2011

Changing BizTalk Mapper Item templates


To be able to configure default value for artifacts that are created from within Visual Studio we can leverage the ‘Item Template‘ functionality.

I have done this to adjust the mapping behavior , specifically the value for setting ‘GenerateDefaultFixedNodes’ which is default ‘YES’. See my previous post on this subject.

Below are the steps to follow

The ItemTemplates is a folder that contains the template files used when you create a new item.


The map template can be found in the folder: Map Files

This is a .zip file that contains a .BTM file. Change the value of ‘GenerateDefaultFixedNodes’ to one of the above values and save the .zip file.


After changing the value, the template is not working, why??? The templates are cached in the folder:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\ItemTemplatesCached\BizTalk\Map Files



You have to register the value by entering the following command (devenv /installvstemplates):


Note: if you have multiple zips files, the FIRST zip file is used, i made the mistake to rename the original, which still resulted in the old template to be registered.

If you create a new MAP, the template will now be used:



Note: The only supported values are: ‘Yes’ / ”” / ‘RequiredDefaults’, i recommend to use ‘RequiredDefaults’

Be sure to read this (Accommodating Schemas with Large Footprints)!

“when the GenerateDefaultFixedNodes flag is set to No, the default field values set in the target schema are not preserved in the instance produced by the map. This is a problem when these values are required in the target instance”.



Sander Nefs

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