Thursday, December 08, 2011

IASA Architect Core training completed

I’ve completed the IASA Architect Course and have completed the exam for “IASA Foundation Certification”. My review of the course is that it is really good, in direct applicable aspects of architecture and for long-term development of personal skills. This is what “IASA Foundation” stands for: · The foundation phase of an architects career is focused on understanding the skills, capabilities and knowledge a practicing architect possesses. Although many architects have already reached significantly higher phases in their career, very few did so in a standard way. Most learned through trial and error, often in the most difficult ways. The foundation phase of an architects career will be a time of discovery to understand how an architect practices, what it means to specialize, and what an architect will need to know to be successful. Iasa calls those that are looking to become architects, Aspiring Architects. Whereas, the first full phase in an architects career is marked by reaching the Foundation Certification. It represents individuals who have demonstrated awareness of the Foundation ITABoK through a multiple choice exam. More importantly the Iasa certification represents a personal awareness of all of the required skills and associated knowledge for a practitioner. Even seasoned professional architects who have attended the Iasa Core training, which prepares architects for the exam, have stated how valuable this kind of comprehensive approach is to them.