Friday, April 06, 2012

BizTalk Quirks –BizTalk mapper


Several weird issues I’ve encountered have made my think about a special blog theme ‘BizTalk Quircks’. The first one is the BizTalk mapper in 2010. As blogged earlier, there are some behavior differences, but to my opinion as well a few bugs. As I’ve not spent a lot of time reproducing the issues but have met colleagues with the same issues, here some issues you might encounter;

A link to a functoid that is removed remains active in the functoid parameters

This means that it isn't possible to create a new link, the parameter has to be manually removed in the mapper.

Creating several links to a functoid (with e.g. 6 params) lets the mapper loose count

I had a functoid with 6 parameters, filled them all, but somehow the link of parameter 6 created a void parameter 7, this meant i got a validation. When i removed the parameter in the functoid it was all fine and dandy.

Creating a 'new' message (SalesOrder = SalesOrder) using a map doesn't filll all the values

I sometimes created new messages (when i had no input) by creating a map that mapped the same schema Input=Output, just to fill in the values. This doesn't work in 2010 anymore, i now always have to resort to creating a msg from scratch (Xml assignment).

Please add info, tips, steps etc!! Hopefully enough to post bugs, otherwise precautionary steps for other colleagues.



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