Monday, April 09, 2012

BizTalk Quirks–Message Context Properties vs Scope


Inside orchestations it’s fairly easy to read ContextProperties (albeit Promoted/Distinguished). I had a strange issue where a was reading out a property multiple times in different scopes (in the main branch as well as the error handling to determine a value inside our msg):

Start of the orchestration






When I did the exact same thing inside the orchestration in another section… I got a exception about a missing property. So unexpected and not helpful….the incoming message was not altered inside a rule, the properties were of the MessageContextBase (so not bound to the messageType) and I used the same code.

In the end I switched to a variable assignment;

variable asssignment = msg(Property);


So my new rule is, assign context properties as soon as possible to variables, scoping and context properties seem to conflict sometimes.


Captain Quirk.


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