Wednesday, May 09, 2012

ESB Toolkit – BAM Error (TDDS failed to batch execution of streams)


You have this error? You are using the the ESB Toolkit? You are pulling your hairs out?

This post might be your solution Glimlach


The ESB Toolkit allows for BAM Logging in a standard ESB Toolkit model. This can be enabled per Itinerary service in the Itinerary Designer:


In this scenario you need to deploy the ESB Toolkit BAM definitions that are located in the ESB Toolkit program files directory.

Our Cause

In our case we had implemented our own BAM Model and didn’t want to use the ESB Toolkit BAM model. So we had carefully disabled tracking everywhere….

After some pain we found at that by default the ESB Send All Exceptions ports REQUIRES that the BAM model is deployed.


Once you know the issue, its easy to solve..disable the Tracker!

Go to the SendAllException port


Disable the Tracker



And the errors are…..not there anymore.




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