Friday, June 22, 2012

BizTalk still being updated…CU5 released

Ok, so no major updates but still some fixes that seem very critical, now bundled in a cumulative update (CU5)

Among other fixes;

2703644 FIX: Orphaned rows are created when you run the "DTA Archive and Purge SQL Server Agent" job in BizTalk Server 2010 BizTalk Server Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Runtime

2676141 FIX: An instances table is changed to use the primary filegroup in the BAMArchive database when you run the BAM SSIS package in BizTalk Server 2010

During installation


Restart of services


Note: Make sure that the virus scanner (e.g. TrendMicro) can be stopped or is stopped as this will prevent the WMI service from stopping and prevent you from installing the update (changes can not be rolled back).

Even a free summary screen with log is included Glimlach



If you’re really interested in the all the windows that pop-up, I suggest to open the log file as well.


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