Sunday, April 28, 2013

Visual Studio 2012–changes necessary to start doing your work


Disclaimer: This post does not take any company security policies into account, actions suggested are merely provided to support getting things done as a developer…having said that Knipogende emoticon

What’s the first thing you probably will encounter when (implicitly) converting an existing solutions from an older Visual studio…

Security Bedroefde emoticon

You must ensure that you can do your work….especially when converting solutions from an older Visual studio version, it’s very annoying that solution will be migrated but are not able to change properties in projects etc.


Example of Zen demoter…..Changing the read-only bit from solutions (e.g. downloaded sourcecode);


How to start you work…and increase your Zen level?

Change User Access Control



Note: Personal judgement is necessary to determine whether this should be done!

Run Visual Studio as an administrator

You can do this by changing a property in the visual studio shortcut.


Now you can start doing your work



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