Friday, June 07, 2013

Azure Services – Datacenters – and a blog or two

After experimenting with Azure as more people do, i wanted to know…what am i doing, when i select the region?
  • Is this the same list as a year ago?
  • Are there new locations announced in the future
  • What’s the latency involved etc
  • What’s going on!
So my journey started with the magic bing words; ‘additional azure data centers’
The first post was what i was looking for, however…a little outdated, so ended up going through all the historical blogs Glimlach. We had the blog windowsazureappfabricannounce in 2010, moved to windowsazureappfabric in mid 2011, to appfabric late 2011 and finally to windowsazure !
However, i still had no answer, so i searched again on the Team blog…and there was the latest announcement regarding the datacenters in Asia.
Additionally i found a very cool blogpost with the geographical location visualized and tools how to test the latency which helps you know where you wan’t to host your services (hopefully still filled with working tips as it is slightly outdated);

Cool stuff.