Friday, July 12, 2013

Architecting an hybrid solution … where to start…head first, design!


As with any project, the first step is the most significant, we should start by creating a good design, or conceptual overview….let’s make a nice design Glimlach.

We open our tool of choice, powerpoint, visio, paint….wait! Some guys have paved the way…

Sandro Pereira created an awesome set of visio shapes

David Pallman created a whole set of patterns describing the Azure artefacts, terminology

Thanks a lot guys!


So, note to self and other gods in the cloud….after racing to the portal to try out the latest and greatest, make sure that you are able to write down the concepts, discuss them and ensure that you have covered every aspect of it and make a solid design. Try to be consistent, for instance, by using the aforementioned information and icons.



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