Sunday, December 01, 2013

Architecture - ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011

After following the IASA Architecture Core course, I like to continue with my personal learning and improvement, and focus on my architectural skills, among others. This year, by following a course on the Theory of Constraints, which is a really interesting theory which will help analyze the core issue behind a problem, and have followed the MetaPlan training which allows for a structured goal oriented brainstorm. For next year, I enrolled in a training on TOGAF. In my preparation for this, I stumbled upon the Open2Study website, where you can follow a lot of courses for free. I enrolled this weekend into the EntrArch course, which includes TOGAF. In one of the additional resources, it referred to a lot of very useful articles.

So after diving into a lot of them, for learning more about architectural styles, frameworks and more. I can recommend the following;


A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies

Survey of Architecture Frameworks 




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