Friday, December 13, 2013

The Enterprise Continuum – separation of concerns

There are so many options, and ways of developing a solution that I would like to share some of the guidelines we are developing internally. At this moment, I will do this on the blog you are reading, focusing on the solution architectures. In parallel I’m working for my company on the enterprise architectural guidelines, and I’m trying to follow TOGAF principles to lay down the architecture. I’m hoping to be able to define the architecture context, general architecture, and relate it to the solution architecture.

In the perfect world, with all the time to do this….this should result in Architectural concepts, which will be posted on: focused from the top-down approach of setting architectural requirements such as ‘every project must leverage a monitoring capability’, and this blog: where I will post the solution for this concept.

The first post (which is basically the same as this):




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