Wednesday, May 01, 2013

BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF) 5.1 beta with BizTalk 2013 - Trying to deploy an application with SSO Settings

Recently i tried to get a BizTalk 2013 up and running. As i normally do, i use the BTDF to deploy the whole bunch of projects, so i downloaded the betaversion 5.1 from codeplex, and started the deployment. Unfortenately i ran into a problem when trying to deploy to the SSO store. I thought, let’s go crazy and enable SSO, unfortenately, this wasn’t a cakewalk, it wasn’t my birthday, but was certainly treated on some stuff i didn’t request, the pop-up;
And of course, the error that helps you out in tough times;
C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\DeploymentFrameworkForBizTalk\5.0\BizTalkDeploymentFramework.targets(1684,5): error MSB3073: The command ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Deployment Framework for BizTalk\5.1\Framework\DeployTools\SSOSettingsFileImport.exe" "<…>" /settingsFile:"<…> " /userGroupName:"BizTalk Application Users" /adminGroupName:"BizTalk Server Administrators"" exited with code -532459699.
Build FAILED.   Problem My analysis is, that the BTDF is built against an older version of the SSO Interop Client. With the release of a new version of BizTalk 2013, the SSO Interop Client is also updated. This means that the reference to the BTDF project needs to be updated. Solution (workaround) Build a new version of the SSO executable / dll, using the steps mentioned below; 1) Extract the source The installation of the BTDF comes with the the source, which is located in a zip file. You should extract the source. clip_image003 And remove the readonly flag; clip_image007 2) Convert the SSOSettingsFileImport project to a VS2012 solution clip_image004 3) Analyse each project to determine if the reference is invalid a) Look at the reference clip_image005 b) Determine if the dll could be located clip_image006 c) Update the reference to the Interop SSO client for all projects that refer to this dll clip_image009 clip_image011 clip_image012 4) Update the target .Net framework version (due to references in the interop client) clip_image014 a) Update deprecated methods (Reflection LoadWithPartialName is not supported anymore) clip_image016 b) Replace with ‘Assembly.Load’ clip_image018 c) Rebuild clip_image020 5) Update the dll’s in the ‘DeployTools’ folder clip_image022 6) Deploy your BizTalk 2013 project! clip_image024   HTH,   Sander

UPDATE: Solved in beta2 (