Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ESB Toolkit - Development getting started

In order to start using the ESB Toolkit you can use the tutorials and alot of help which can be found on the internet. However, in each project i find myself giving information to project members on some of the gotchas or things which are not documented or all so sparsely documented i thought bundling would be usefull.
In the items below you find most of the tools you will need when digging deep into the BizTalk ESB Toolkit which should get you up and running (after installing it :));

·         Itinerary Test tool (Enables: manually testing of Itineraries)
1)      Locate the
2)      Extract and compile ESB.Itinerary.Test
3)      You’re ready to manually test Itineraries
·         ESB Rules tester (Enables: manually testing of ESB Rules)
1)      Create Business rules to
a.       Dynamically set endpoints / itinerary
b.      Leverage the functionality of On-Ramps with the BRI Resolver
c.       Leverage the functionality of Dynamic mapping / routing with the BRE Resolver
2)      Think about working typed or untyped
3)      Use the rules tester developed by Tomasso Groenendijk
·         Enable tracing (Enables tracing of ETW tracing / ESB Toolit tracing)
1)      Set tracing in the ESB.Config or Machine config
2)      Download DebugView (included in the SysinternalsSuite)
3)      Set the events
4)      Analyse the logs