Thursday, August 01, 2013

Announcing the “ESB Series” – every friday 17:00 UTC + 02:00

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In a world, where one team has only one chance, to make the perfect solution...
for a... BizTalk project?! Integration specialists Sander Nefs and Tomasso Groenendijk are deep diving, in what the critics call the best integration product of the decade and more… "We need integration……we need BizTalk…..we need more…….ESB Toolkit!” General Series Overview
·         Itinerary
o   What is an Itinerary and how to view this from a BizTalk perspective
·         On-Ramp
o   How is an Itinerary executed, where does this happen
o   The ESB Toolkit adds functionality, but how exactly (dynamically)
·         Resubmit
o   The ESB Toolkit adds resubmit functionality, how can we extend this without using the ESB Portal
·         ESB Toolkit considerations
And more…
  Available on  fridays at 17:00 UTC + 02:00.   Regards, Sander.

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